Just Had My 5th Debate, One at Alsobrooks’s Church, & I Held My Own Against Her (Again): Watch Here

Will be writing more about this later, but here is the full video of my successful debate yesterday evening in the home court of Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks at a church she attends.  I think it’s pretty fair to say I held my own (maybe even won?) but let me know what you think.  Incredibly, it took five debates for debate organizers to produce a high-quality recording of the debate, the other four having failed miserably in the process before (but luckily, passable quality recordings were posted by another campaign and you can see all my debate performances here).

Here’s the video: (34:22 intro, 43:14 the border/immigration, 55:33 social security, 1:00:44 when my beliefs differed from my party, 1:13:10 national debt/spending, 1:17:24 regulating chemicals in food, 1:28:33 gun control, 1:38:06 fentanyl, 1:61:42 moderators forgot to proceed with closing statements and I took leadership and reminded them to let us give them, 1:51:12 closing statement)

And here is a video of me giving a short speech the day before at another event (33:24).

Now is the time to raise my candidacy to be an integral part of this race, now is the time to spread the word, now is the time to donate to my campaign, now is the time to really get things going. Early voting starts in two days!!