Help Me Order Signs for My U.S. Senate Campaign!

UPDATE 3/13: New Sign Design! 1st signs ordered but we need more, donate here to help!

This is a different kind of campaign: while my main competitors Rep. David Trone and County Executive Angela Alsobrooks are focused in large part on attacking each other rather pettily, creating campaign organizations, and/or raising money, I am running a campaign mainly of ideas & issues, taking them right to the voters directly myself. Every word on this site is written by me, your candidate, Brian Frydenborg. I have raised almost no money and have spent very little time fundraising, have no staff as of yet—it has all just me here on this site so far and I am proud of that—so that means every little bit helps. But I also want a physical presence in the form of campaign signs in a few key spots throughout Maryland. As I have written, I think even if I do not end up being the nominee, the Democratic Party and two frontrunners can only benefit from my inclusion in the race and debates going forward as a third option and the #3 candidate in the race. Chip in today and donate help me grow my seat at the table!