May the 4th Be with You!

Happy Star Wars Day, folks.

I’ve always loved Star Wars and have been enjoying seeing some of the movies in theaters this weekend! Sometimes, characters are clearly good and evil, other times, it’s a lot more complicated (and I have written about this in detail before). But facing off against Trump’s MAGA insurrectionist fascism, sometimes it feels like we’re fighting the stupid version of the evil Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker didn’t beat the empire alone, he had his friends and thousands of regular folks throughout the galaxy, from Lando and R2 to Cassian Andor and rebel spaceship maintenance crews helping the Rebel Alliance along the way.

Like Luke, I need your help. Make sure you spread the word, chip in, and vote for me!

Also, I checked, and neither of the two frontrunners Trone or Alsobrooks have a fundraising e-mail as fun as this one!!

Now is the time to raise my candidacy to be an integral part of this race, now is the time to spread the word, now is the time to donate to my campaign, now is the time to really get things going.